Types of Metaphor

October 21 2020

Kathryn suggested a tree metaphor for our company. This insight is simple, but suggests an incredible number of things (and holographically, this is what I am about to say about this type of metaphor, funny how that works):

Choosing a metahpor based on natural systems tends to get you thinking in natural systems, whereas choosing a metaphor based on mechanical systems, tends to get you thinking in mechanical terms.

You could easliy say that choosing a metaphor based on naturaly systems “summons” the spirits of natural systems and intelligences. Through doing this, you are accessing a sort of innate intelligence about how those types of information work. Through this process, you can actually access more and more of those things. In other words, you are connecting with natural systems of logic and ways of seeing the world, that we have embedded in our DNA; and that I would say we have morphic resonance with, presumably (energetic field resonance level coherence), and probably a devic/nature spirit level.

Now if you choose a mechanistic metaphor, you could say you “summon” the spirit of machines. That is, expecting things to operate in logical, linear, deterministic ways that satisfy that form of logic.

I would link this to the hypermasculine (machines), versus the balanced feminine-masculine (nature connection). I cannot break the connection between how we think, therefore, and the types of relationships and levels of vulerability with which we are comfortable and find natural. There is no break between these two things.

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