Habits vs Memorization

March 11 2021

This follows on a general theme of mine: that we are very little taught how to learn. This, despite it being so terribly important. The blind are leading the blind, and nobody stops to ask, “how might this be done better?”

A raft of self improvement books, classes, programs, etc. And yet, such a majority of it focuses on giving people ideas. Ideas they will likely forget rather quickly. Are they biased towards things that make them feel like they are gaining hope, making progress? This is a concern.

Many teachers likely wish the reader would work harder to put them into practice. It’s harder to do the exercises.

In any event, the movement towards learning habits is a great one—you can hardly avoid the implication that you’re going to have to put them into practice. The movement towards the practice has been an ongoing one, taking me many years to develop, and continues still.

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