Attention Plates

January 25 2021

The following notes pertain to me, and were collected in the magical waking minutes this morning. But because I think they have further implications, I am placing them here.

I remember when I first began to earn more money than I needed to just survive, it seemed like a magical thing. I’ll be able to buy this… and I’ll be able to buy that… and I have all this money—that’s so cool! What I discovered, after a while, was that while I was busy spending an amount over here, the quantity of money I had left (back over there somewhere, where I wasn’t really looking) was secretly diminishing. I couldn’t actually spend the same money here, and there, and save it. But it felt like I could. I suppose I didn’t have the feeling sense of the money diminishing, as I spent it. Or, I “felt rich,” and told myself such a story.

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